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We sell the Arizona hypo-allergenic futon mattress line from OtisBed in our retail store only. This allows our customers to see and experience the unique feel and characteristics of each futon that will be on their futon frame or platform bed. Our mattresses run from semi-soft to ultra firm. Our Dual Comfort mattresses (softer on one side, firmer on the other) are all about having comfortable choices - perfect for you and your guests. We also offer Memory Foam and Innerspring mattresses. Where picking your futon frame or bed is the style element of your design, your mattress is the comfort component. 


A true testament to the extreme durability of these OtisBed mattresses lies in how they are packaged: Each one has to withstand over 30,000 pounds of pressure in order to be packed into a box that fits in the seat of your car, yet comes out of the box quickly to its original size and designed comfort level.

In addition to the resiliency and comfort of these mattresses, there are other important benefits: Unlike the typical heavyweight cotton futons, the Arizona line doesn’t require the maintenance of regular turning and won’t develop a permanent crease in the fold (middle) or become harder with use. Due to the foam construction, these cottonless mattresses are significantly lighter weight and don’t attract moisture and mildew.

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