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Choosing A Futon Frame


There are many considerations when buying a futon frame. The space available in the intended room is the most important, as you need to make sure the frame you choose will fit in the room comfortably and aesthetically. You will need the length measurement from arm to arm on a bifold frame for sizing, which serves as your couch. You will also want to ensure the width of  the mattress will not bump into other furniture or walls when converted to a bed. The width will be the measurement of the mattress itself (twin, full, queen) when laid flat. Of course, you will need more vertical floor space for a lounger, as the couch and the bed is the width and length of the mattress. You are essentially sitting and lying on the lounger like a traditional bed, where the head of the lounger is upright in a sitting position and lying flat when used as a bed.

Other considerations for choosing a frame include the following: 


(1) The style of the home, rental property, vacation home, RV, or houseboat, etc., and accessorizing with other furniture or decor in the room. Frames can vary from traditional, contemporary, modern,  mission, and rustic log styles; 

(2) The wood or finish of the wood. We have a wide selection of finished wood frames, unfinished wood frames, or rustic log futon frames. Finished wood comes in a variety of colors - natural, gray, cherry (including warm cherry and dark cherry), black walnut, chocolate, and white. These finishes vary with different futon frame companies. Unfinished wood can be left unfinished or can be painted or stained. Our rustic log futon frames come in a clear finish, dark finish, honey pine finish, or a weathered finish. Some styles are clean peeled (no bark left on the logs) or skip peeled (some bark left on the logs). These log frames are heavy and best used where you have plenty of space around them to convert to a bed without having to be moved); 


(3) Ease of the operating mechanism. Different companies have their own unique or patented operating system for their frames. Our unfinished frames have wheels for ease in moving, as well as four different seating positions. Our unfinished loungers have the same four different seat positions without wheels. They feature a front extension that allows you to slant the front down and can also be folded underneath the frame to be used as a chair (you would need a two-piece mattress set to use as a chair since our mattresses do not fold over the top or underneath due to their thickness, storing away the ottoman piece until you need it). Wall Huggers™ do not have to be moved away from the wall when converting to a bed. Moon Glider™ frames (also known as front loaders) require you to move the frame away from the wall but are operated from the front when converting to a bed and also when converting back to a couch position. Nesting body frames also require you to move the frame away from the wall to convert to a bed and offer three comfort positions - sofa, recline, bed. With its runners-in-grooves mechanism, you push from the back to convert back to sofa position; 


(4) Arm height of the futon frame. Arms on both sides of the frame serve as arm rests when sitting, and as the headboard and footboard when lying flat as a bed. This is especially important if you are accommodating taller people with a full-size mattress. Choosing a frame with low arms is a desirable option for this reason, and many people choose to get bolsters to serve as arm rests. Customers often choose a queen size to accommodate people 6’ and taller. You should also keep in mind that scratches and wear-and-tear on wide arms and arm trays will be more obvious over the lifetime use of the frame; 


(5) Frame height from the floor to the base of the mattress. Frames are typically 11-13.5” from the floor to the bottom of the mattress. This is important for sitting comfort for different people’s heights or for older people’s ease in rising to a standing position; and, of course 


(6) Price, which can be the main consideration when selecting your frame, mattress, mattress protector, cover, and pillows or bolsters. Let your salesperson know if you have a strict budget so they can help you with your choices and avoid higher-end products. Some styles of log futons can cost twice the price of finished wood frames. You may consider spending more on the mattress to ensure you have a comfortable sitting and sleeping surface (I will be covering mattress choices in a later blog post)


Please contact me with any questions or comments regarding the information contained in this blog post and I will be happy to answer. You may also suggest future blog topics that you are interested in.

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