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Asked Questions

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What are my assembly & delivery options?

Do you have assembly instructions for your products?

Do you have video instructions for assembly & operation of your products?

Does my product carry a warranty?

How do I paint or stain my Unfinished Wood Frame?

Please see the manufacturer's recommendations provided with your frame.

Do you carry futon covers & pillows?

We have a limited supply of hand-picked covers in stock and over 700 fabric swatches from two suppliers to complement your style.  We also can order custom bedding, curtains, and outdoor cushions & fabrics.  You can visit their websites before your visit to the store to preview their extensive selection of products: 

What is an impactful way to thank Carolina Futons for excellent customer service?

 We value your thoughtful opinion and review of the products & services that were offered, and this really helps our small business to grow into the future.  Thank you so much!

Who is that very cute dog featured on your About Us page?

Bobby McGee (bottom center) is the store greeter and mattress tester.  He was adopted from Saving Grace in Wake Forest, NC, in 2017.  He lives with his owners, Brenda & Howard Deal,  and three fellow rescue dogs (left to right):  Darling, (also adopted from Saving Grace in 2017), Martin, and Torro.  

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