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The KD Lounger frame is a lounger, chair, and bed all in one! This multi-functional solid wood frame features numerous convertible positions and rounded corners, which is both functionally and aesthetically pleasing. This Lounger will be a sturdy fixture in your home for years to come. Popular uses for this versatile frame in all its multiple positions includereading, gaming, as well as watching sports and TV. This Lounger also makes a great transitional bed for small children: You can even adjust the back to your favorite position and read your child to sleep at night.

Available in Twin, Full & Queen sizes.



Twin Size: 37"W x 74"L x 10" H (bed position)

Full Size:  52"W x  74"L x 10" H (bed position)

Queen Size: 58"W x 79"L x 10" H (bed position)


Sofa Height:  Twin 31.5"; Full 31.5"; Queen 36.5"

Sofa Depth (extension underneath frame): 46" (all sizes)

Overall Lounger Depth (w/extension): 63" (all sizes)


KD Lounger

PriceFrom $179.00

These Tulip Poplar frames can be left unfinished, clear finished, stained, or painted. Satin polyurethane (oil or water based) works well.

Finishing: All finishes work well with Tulip Poplar. A simple wax finish over stain is easy. An oil finish such as Danish oil can be used, or a clear top coat such as polyurethane works well to seal the wood. With polyurethanes, the first coat acts as a sanding sealer. You should lightly sand (180-220 grit sandpaper) after the first coat, wipe the wood clean, and then build up coats for the desired effect.

Staining: Lightly sand before staining. Wipe stain on with a cloth until you get the desired color. If you are going to use a top coat (such as polyurethane), do not sand again until after the first coat, and then be careful not to sand away the stain.

Painting: It is best to start with an interior primer and lightly sand before painting.

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