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The dated look of the puffy, layered bed with high box springs has been replaced with the simpler low-profile platform bed. A platform bed topped with a high-performance futon mattress and a simple coverlet becomes a stylish piece of furniture.

Our European style beds are designed with extra slats to fully support your mattress, thus eliminating the need for the additional expense of a foundation or box spring. Platform beds provide a firm, supportive and stable base for any type of mattress.


Choose from our collection of coordinating bedroom accessories to fit your needs and style.


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Platform Bed Frequently Asked Questions

What are “P” Series” and “K Series”?

At Sims’ Futon Gallery, we’re all about choices and this is an option for the height of our beds.  Our “P Series” sit lower than the “K Series” and use the same, smaller drawers that fit under some of our futon frames.  If you like the low profile, more traditional platform bed look, the “P Series” would be your likely choice.  If you want maximum storage, a trundle option or just want your bed to sit higher, the “K Series” bed height would be best.  Some of our headboards come in “P Series”, some come in “K Series” and some come in both.  Just order the height you prefer.

Can all beds use drawers?

Yes, all our beds have the option of adding drawers.  “P Series” beds use linen drawers, while the “K Series” beds accommodate deeper drawers or a trundle.

Is decking required for my mattresses?

Our beds come with a roll of slats that is very sufficient to support all mattresses, so you can put your mattress directly on the slats.  However, some mattress manufacturers have very specific requirements for their warranties, so check with them that slats can be used.

Should I use a box spring?

Most box springs are just spacers and do not affect comfort or longevity of the mattress.  Our beds look best with a mattress only.  If you do use a box spring know that the height of a box spring may cause the mattress to cover much of the headboard.

What is a privacy panel?

This is a panel that fills the space below the footboard.  Its purpose is to hide the sides of the drawers when the under-bed storage drawers are used.  It is an optional piece for the “P Series” basic footboard and preinstalled on “K Series” footboards.

Can the headboards be used with a metal frame?

Yes.  We offer an optional adapter kit that allows our beds to be used with most standard metal bed frames.  It not only adapts the mounting holes, but also gives additional support to the headboard by adding a higher contact point and an extra leg that touches the floor.

What type of wood is used?

We use rubberwood, which is a durable, fast growing hardwood that looks good in many finishes.  In a natural finish, it has a similar look to maple wood.  Rubberwood trees are grown on managed plantations where its sap is harvested for latex.  When the sap production drops off, the trees are harvested for their wood and recycled to make furniture.