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A Guide to Futon Furniture

Considering a futon? Read our futon guide before you shop.

Today’s futon sleeper sofa can be one of the most useful, versatile pieces of furniture you’ll ever own. As a futon specialty store since 1991, our experience has led us to the very best products available in the futon industry.  Rest assured, at Sims Futon Gallery design, functionality, durability and comfort are the essential attributes of our futon furniture.

Most people don’t know that a “futon” is actually comprised of three separate components. The futon sleeper sofa includes: a frame, futon (mattress), and removable cover. Read on to learn more about these separate components.

When you visit our showroom, you’ll find a huge selection of premium solid hardwood frames that provide strength, durability and ease of use. And we offer dozens of styles and finishes from which to choose. Although the full size frame is the most popular size, you might consider a queen size for your guest room. And our queen love seats, full love seats and twin love seats are great options for a smaller space. In addition, you can choose from Wall Hugger, Front Loadingor  Nesting frames.

Your comfort is in the mattress and comfort is perhaps the most important reason to choose a futon sleeper sofa. Our premium futon mattresses are much more plush, supportive and comfortable than the mattress that typically comes with a typical conventional sleeper sofa or the thin, lumpy futons sold in other stores.

Our premium futon mattresses are by far the most comfortable and durable futons today! Over stuffed with high-density, furniture grade foam, these futons will deliver years of sitting and sleeping pleasure. And, unlike the original more common cotton futon, these premium mattresses are hypo-allergenic, lightweight, won’t flatten out or get lumpy with use or allow moisture and mildew to develop inside the mattress.

In addition, these premium futons offer a wide range of comfort levels from soft and plush to very firm. Or you can choose one of the “dual-comfort” futons—softer on one side, firmer on the other. Perfect for guest rooms!

You’ll never have to pay for re-upholstering again. To change your style, simply change your cover! A removable cover makes decorating easy and economical, plus futon covers can also be easily removed for cleaning. At Sims Futon Gallery you can choose from hundreds of basic and upholstery quality fabric swatchesto suit your style. To help you with your fabric choice, we encourage you to borrow our swatches to take home to coordinate with your decor.

After you have used our Shopping Guide to select the perfect fit for you, how do you get it home? We’ve got you covered. Check out our Getting it Home Options!