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When You Want The Very Best

Nobody makes a futon mattress that can top an Arizona mattress! These high-performance, cotton-less mattresses deliver the luxurious feel of a high-end sofa or bed mattress combined with long-lasting comfort and support.

A true testament to the extreme durability of these mattresses lies in how they are packaged: Each one has to withstand over 30,000 pounds of pressure in order to be packed into a box that fits in the seat of your car, yet comes out of the box in its original size and designed comfort level.

In addition to the resiliency and comfort of the Arizona mattresses, there are other important benefits: Unlike the typical heavy weight cotton or the unwieldy cotton with innerspring futons, the Arizona line doesn’t require the maintenance of regular turning and won’t develop a permanent crease in the fold (middle) or become harder with use…

And due to the foam construction, these cotton-less mattresses are significantly lighter weight and don’t attract moisture and mildew making them the ideal choice for your RV or boat!

We’re all about Choices!

Our Dual Comfort mattresses (soft on one side, firm on the other) are all about having comfortable choices. Perfect for you and your guests.

Yes, we have Memory Foam futon mattresses too!


Our lineup of Premium futons begins with the Alpine. A Dual Comfort mattress, it’s overstuffed with 12” of  high-density foams thermally re-bonded for extra strength and poly batting compressed to an 8” thickness.


This Dual Comfort mattress is a great alternative for those who prefer a slightly firmer feel than the Alpine offers.


Although a spring system isn’t needed for support in the high-performance Arizona futon mattress line, the Asheville offers familiar comfort for those who prefer the feel of an innerspring mattress.

North Hampton

The arrangement of multi layers of re-bonded foam and convoluted high density foam creates this high performance Dual Comfort.


The unique soft touch on one side with firm support on the other makes the Maricopa our most popular Dual Comfort mattress.


Water can't hurt it!

A supportive mattress with a medium soft feel, this low-profile six-inch futon has the feel and performance of an eight-inch.


A blend of 9” of both soft and medium firm high-density convoluted foam plus 2” of 2.5 pound density block foam is compressed to 8” to create a nearly perfect “medium” feel.


A pressure relieving Memory Foam mattress that conforms to and supports for individualized comfort.

Mesa 1000

Generous amounts (approx. 14″) of different combinations of highly resilient foam and fiber compressed to an 8” thickness, create an “inside out” force against that is necessary for proper and comfortable support, whether sitting or sleeping. Dense yet soft, the Mesa 1000 can be used on a bi-fold frame or a platform bed style frame.

Mesa 3000

Captures the soul and same long lasting support of the Mesa 1000, but with a firmer feel. Although the Mesa 3000 is very firm, it has just enough flexibility to allow for use on a bi-fold frame. Its firm support makes it one of our most popular platform bed mattresses!


This pressure management mattress is designed for individualized comfort. The Memory Foam Pima conforms to and supports the body regardless of the persons size or weight.

Gemini II

If you want an exclusive and energized feel while sitting or sleeping, this one is for you! The Gemini’s advanced design provides the comforting support of latex-like foam to deliver exceptional comfort that envelops your entire body.