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Unfinished Wood

Unfinished Wood Frames


A Word About Tulip Poplar

The wood for this furniture is harvested from sustainable tulip poplar tree farms in Virginia. Tulip Poplar is a beautiful hardwood species that can have some slight coloration in parts of the tree.  Every effort is made to preserve the prettiest wood for the parts of the frames that show; however, in an effort not to waste perfectly good, sound poplar, some pieces of the frame will reflect this coloration.  Any green tint in the wood will change to brown after several weeks.

Studio Frame

Keep it simple and affordable. The Studio frame is a no-frills approach for a couch that can quickly and effortlessly be converted to a bed.

It features four reclining positions and the sturdy wheels in the back make it easy peasy to move. The Studio frame is a popular choice for any casual setting: tv rooms, dorms, porches, basements, guest rooms, etc.
Available in Full and Queen sizes.

KD Lounger Frame

The KD Lounger frame is a lounger, chair, and bed all in one! This multi-functional solid wood frame features numerous convertible positions.

Don’t be fooled by cheaply made, knock-offs. This sturdy frame has an additional design feature you won’t find on similar frames: its rounded corners
provide protection from the normally exposed sharp edges and serve to make the KD Lounger frame aesthetically pleasing.

The KD Lounger will be a sturdy fixture in your home for years to come. Popular uses for the versatile KD Lounger frame in all its multiple positions include: reading, gaming, watching sports and tv, guestrooms, dorms, lofts and sunrooms. This frame also makes a great transitional bed for small children: You can even adjust the back to your favorite position and read your child to sleep at night.

Available in Twin, Full & Queen sizes.

Unfinished KD Lounger